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Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Los AngelesHave you ever flipped through the pages of celebrity-filled magazines and wished you could have that ´perfect model´ smile? It’s easier than you think, and it all begins with a thorough dental consultation with Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Kevin Sands, Los Angeles cosmetic dentist.

Your no-cost initial consultation is the perfect opportunity for a frank discussion with Dr. Sands about your needs, your desires and what you can expect from the cosmetic dentistry procedures you are considering.

Generally, your initial consultation includes:

  • A comprehensive dental examination and discussion of your medical history
  • X-rays, examination of gum tissue, tooth structure, and jawbone and an oral health assessment
  • Introduction to Dr. Sands’ competent staff
  • An honest dialogue regarding the results of the diagnostic tests and exam, and the treatments options available to you
  • Financial options to reach your goals

Dr. Sands and his staff are dedicated to providing you with an affordable and beautiful smile you can be proud of. We understand that some people allow time, money and the stresses of life to get in the way of achieving their smile makeover goals, so we work hard to make it easy for you to reach your dreams with easy financing and the most advanced procedures.

Please contact our laser teeth whitening office at Kevin Sands, DDS Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule your free initial laser teeth whitening consultation and take the first step towards a healthier, more beautiful smile.


414 N. Camden Drive, Suite 940
Beverly Hills, California 90210


414 N. Camden Drive, Suite 940
Beverly Hills, California 90210

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