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Teeth Whitening Los AngelesIf you’re considering tooth whitening, you might have noticed there are numerous, from over-the-counter at home whitening treatments to more costly in-office laser whitening. How can you know which option is right for you?

Los Angeles cosmetic dentist cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin Sands offers at-home and in-office procedures to ensure a dazzling smile quickly and affordably. Your initial consultation with Dr. Sands will help you decide which option is best for you, so you get exactly the results you want when lightening those tooth discolorations that have accumulated over time.

The Zoom! System
Zoom! teeth whitening technology is a very popular option for getting your teeth their whitest and brightest in just one brief dental visit. Zoom!’s patented Advanced Power Whitening System technology, using only gel and light, safely, gently and effectively whitens your teeth with no laser, heat or tooth scraping. The Zoom! light is a specially designed, non-laser lamp that shines a soft blue light onto your teeth to activate the whitening gel, accelerating the whitening process with no damage to skin, gums, and other soft tissues. The Advanced Power Lamp emits no heat or harmful UV light and ensures natural, uniform results.

Why struggle with slow, over-the-counter teeth whiteners that produce unsatisfactory results? The Zoom! whitening process is safe, fast and offers a dramatic change that lasts for years. Zoom! technology is only available at specially designated Zoom! Centers, and Dr. Sands is proud to offer this technology to his tooth whitening patients in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Home Bleaching Kits
For patients who prefer home teeth whitening, or want to maintain their beautiful new Zoom! smile at home, Dr. Sands offers home bleaching kits that let you decide how long to continue  treatment to achieve your desired level of whiteness. Bleaching kits for home use give you total control in creating your whitest, brightest smile when it’s convenient for you.

Tooth Whitening by Los Angeles cosmetic dentist Kevin Sands will literally change your smile in one visit. To schedule a free teeth whitening consultation, please contact our teeth whitening office at Kevin Sands, DDS Cosmetic Dentistry.


414 N. Camden Drive, Suite 940
Beverly Hills, California 90210


414 N. Camden Drive, Suite 940
Beverly Hills, California 90210

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